Artistic Activity

Nordic Projects is a contemporary-oriented production platform based in Oslo, Norway that works in the performing arts field towards selected locations and audiences. We work internationally with own projects, artistic research, creative direction, performances, art consultation and mentoring in the field of performing arts and cross over works together with collaborators and associates. NP also do new works presented at various venues, performances or cross over works in different fields of interest. NP has a proactive and professional dedication to the choreography profession and communication of our discipline and art. Several different constellations have been established through the various project periods.

With performances, comprehensive process-based artistic works, film, releases of publications which includes texts and photography as part of the artistic oeuvre. Already from the start our ambition has been with the focus on contemporary art and works of artistic innovation and communication through our projects. Working with over hundred people the last decade in relation to our projects NP has initiated and have involved and collaborated with dancers, performers, photographers, light designers, scenographers, costume designers, film directors, graphic designers and composers.

NP is committed to maintaining continuity and development over time, get secured resources to achieve a long-term approach and professionalism that both strengthens and preserves the essence of our artistic work. The projects have reached out to a diverse and wide audience both in Norway and abroad; nine full-length performances and 40 location-based views with duration from 20-50 minutes from 2 to 30 people involved, in smaller and large formats. NP has since 2005 mainly received support through the Norwegian Arts Council. The support has been invaluable for the projects. It has enabled us to carry out activities with attention to creating new environments that contribute to the experiences and artistic and performative work for those involved and the audience. NP been to a number of venues in Oslo; Black box theater, Kanonhallen, Det norske teatret, Stockholm, Umeå, Norrlands Operan, Malmö, Danstationen, Köpenhamn, Dansehallarna, Helsinki, Reykjavík, Barcelona, Rome, Wienna, London and Talinn.