Nordic Projects is a new global platform to present Norwegian artistic visions and experiences to a wider audience. Through communication and distribution, we highlight the unique potential of the art forms in Norway.

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Nordic Projects is a contemporary production platform in Oslo focusing on presenting ideas at several arenas and develop our artistic expression. Our goal is to reach out to a diverse and engaged audience through the production and presentation of significant contemporary artworks, rooted in human stories. We work internationally with research in the field of performing arts together with collaborators and associates within and outside the arts field. Our work shall affect, move and relate to who we are through partnerships locally and globally with an unwavering focus on artistic quality and integrity in the process.

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We combine conceptual ideas with enhanced process based works and present ideas that can be manifested in new ways to an adult audience. Projects with dynamic strength, emotional moods and a wide range of movement material are in focus. The body as a communication medium in different contexts and perspectives is the focus of Nordic Projects artistic work. NP are interested in combining conceptual ideas with enhanced process based works with various choreographic methods and present ideas that can be manifested in new ways at different venues, in collaboration with selected dancers and collaborators. We are available for different type of creative works internationally.

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The Travelers

We explore the Norwegian culture scene. This is a fresh and vibrant concept for the modern travelers, that wants to explore what the Norwegian culture scene has to offer. The tour is by walking, bicycle or train. To the scenes and inside the city over landscapes or explore different locations over mountains and discover new architecture, made at several places. Explore different experience in culture, arts, food, dance, performing arts, fashion, music, technical and cinematic experiences. The tour will be in Norweigan, Swedish and English. Are you a tourist in Oslo and want to explore the cultural scene during a composed day tour?

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Environments and spaces has a strong impact on how we relate to space. How can interactions be manifested in new ways and open up possibilities for generosity, flow, and construction of new spaces? How can architecture create flexible spaces that create new experiences for the arts of today? How to create more functional, flexible solutions for spaces, places and interactions? What does movement do with space? Ideas are constructed, built and developed through layers of experience, reflection and thought.

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Through photography and film, we document our processes and projects. The subjects of her photographs are directed and choreographed, the scenes are staged, sometimes carefully planned, sometimes improvised as part of a rehearsal. Through her experience as a dancer and choreographer, she has an eye for composition and a strong sensitivity to the visual expression in her photographs.

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Nordic Projects creates art and artists books and publications to increase visibility and greater recognition of the movement art. The format allows us to reach out of the black-box outside institutions and galleries. The books also serve as a resource for galleries, museums, art collectors and dealers. Two limited edition artist books from Nordic Projects are available. Our latest in 256-pages, 24×17cm, printed on uncoated paper. Both rich with images, text in and shetches from our jorneys from north of Sweden to the urban capitlas of the Nordic countries. With an extensive archive of photos, sketches and planned projects, the idea is to illuminate an oeuvre in dialogue with the audience, from the beginning of her artistic career to the present day, through personal reflection and an eye on the future. For artist talks or orders of 20 or more books please contact.

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